‘Uncage’ is a book attempting to convey an idea of transformation / mutation / breaking out.
Made of varieties of artworks as wide-ranging as collages, paintings, to mixed media, etc.,
conceived and made since 2008 by Pariwat himself, the book contains materials transformed and
remade to serve as templates of the main figures. At each page, stickers of organ parts will be used
accordingly to conjure up an imaginary creature. Stencil papers are the most suitable to this purpose,
for they create an impression of being transparent and fluid, allowing you to see and
pass through the boundary which each page had constructed.
Like caged creatures which try to tear down their own cages, imaginations probably do the same way.

64 pp: 17×24 cm
Colour, Digital Print & Sticker on Stencil Paper (180, 130 gsm.)
Saddle sewn

Edition of 50

Bangkok: Self-Published, 2013-2017

THB 690